Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Finds

I took a little trip around the world with my Friday Finds this week.  Here are several recipes from different ethnic cuisines.

Talking Dollars and Cents

I really like the flavor of curry and am anxious to try this recipe.  It doesn't have any unusual ingredients in it so I think I could get this one by my husband.

Chef in Training

I am going to do this one the next time I am in the mood for Oriental food, which is quite often.

Well, it looks like I am on a chicken "kick" this week also.  This site has a 1-Dish category that has 39 main dish and dessert recipes that can be made in less than one hour.  I have made several of the pizza ones.  Now I want to try the Mexican inspired ones.

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

I have had several Heath Bars in my cupboard for awhile.  I knew I had purchased them for a recipe so I was very good and did not eat them.  Last week I was reading a post at Mel's Kitchen Cafe regarding suggestions for food for Father's Day.  The it was!  Heath Bar Cake.  I suddenly remembered that was what the Heath Bars were for.  So that was Father's Day dessert.  It was very good.  I also made the Heath Bar Cookies.  They were very good also.  I used the packaged Heath Bit in the cookies.  I highly recommend booth recipes.

Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice
I have not been very successful with flatbread recipes.  My fault, I'm sure.  I want to give this one a try so I can make homemade gyros.

King Arthur Flour Blog

Cheeseburgers with cheesy buns.  Sounds really good to me.  The no-knead part sounds good, too.

I am off to see what great recipes the other party attendees have found this week.

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  1. skillet flatbread... yum. Thanks for sharing these today, Loy!


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