Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Groceries-Barbecue Rubs and Sauces 5

Well, I said last week that I was done posting barbecue rubs and sauces.  Turns out I'm not.  A local grocery store advertised pork riblets at only $1.39 a lb. this week, and I wanted to give them a try.  They are kind of like spareribs but much cheaper.  I generally buy country style rubs instead of regular spareribs because they are less expensive and have more meat.  Spareribs are always a little unpredictable as to the amount of meat one gets.

So with the riblets on sale and one more rub recipe I wanted to try, that is what was for dinner Saturday night.  I put the rub on the riblets and let them sit in the fridge for several hours.  I then cooked them in a 350 degree oven for about an hour, basting lightly with barbecue sauce the last 20 minutes.  I had a small amount of  Bulls' Eye Barbecue Sauce in my fridge I wanted to use up, so I just used what I had of that.  These could be served without any added sauce if desired.

The rub was very good but a bit spicy for me.  I think the next time I will cut the cayenne back by half.  When I use the rest of what I made up, I will not be quite so generous when I apply the rub as I was today.

My husband's verdict was that the riblets were very good, but a lot of work to eat.

The rub was part of a recipe called Spice-Rubbed Ribs which was for baby back ribs.  The recipe is from Taste of Home and was sent in by Cheryl Ewing from Ellwood City Pennsylvania.

Spice Rub

3 T. paprika
2 T. plus 1 t. salt
2 T. plus 1 t. garlic powder
2 T. cayenne pepper
4 t. onion powder
4 t. dried oregano
4 t. dried thyme
4 t. pepper

Mix ingredients together well.  Sprinkle on ribs or other pork, chicken, or beef  before barbecuing.  I like to apply the rub and chill the meat for several hours.  Store tightly covered in a cool place.  Makes about 3/4 cup.

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  1. I enjoyed following this series on barbecue rubs.I cant wait to try your recipe this weekend.I found you from the foodie blog roll and I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site. I hope you could add this Bbq rub widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about bbq rub,thanks!

  2. Your rub sounds awesome. The hubby and I were just discussing ribs and all the rib options. Seems like more rib options keep showing up on the grocery store shelves. Thanks for linking up to Hunk of Meat Monday.

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