Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skipping through Blogland and Stopping at Domestic Engineer Extraordinaire

Today I am stopping at Domestic Engineer Extraordinaire.  J-Lee is another Washington State blogger who is an Environmental Engineer by day.  Engineering anything is way beyond my limited talents.  She started her blog last year.

A few of the recipes on her blog that I want to try soon are:

Turkey Barley Soup
Like me, J-Lee did not take photos when she first started blogging, but the ingredients in this soup sound good without the need of a photo. This is a slow cooker recipe.  I can never have too many of those.

Hot Oatmeal and Rice
This combination intrigues me.  This is another slow cooker recipe.  Since I am the only breakfast eater at our house, and I like oatmeal and rice; I am going to make this soon.

Potato Soup
OK, I know that this is another soup.  J-Lee just calls this Potato Soup, but with soy sauce, nutmeg, and dill weed in the ingredients, I would hardly call it ordinary.

Well, I tried to get these photos to line up across, but they did not.  Don't these all look delicious?  They are all breakfasts.  I think anyone, maybe even my hubby, would eat breakfast if they could wake up to one of these.  From the top Pumpkin Pie Baked French ToastFinnish Pancakes, Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal.

J-Lee also include her weekly menus with links to the recipes and does a Friday's Five to Try.  She links to Finding Joy in My Kitchen's Friday Favorite Finds.   I always find another recipe to try when I check out her Friday's Five.  If you are ever even a little down, go here to see the wonderful pics of J-Lee's adorable little daughter jumping in puddles.  That's something we should all consider doing at least once in awhile.  It will make your day!

This is a delightful blog to spend a little time visiting.  I will return often.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my blog in your post!


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