Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cooking from the Blogs-What I Made

I recently made a couple of desserts from the blogs.  Both were very good.

If you still have an abundance of zucchini, MAKE THIS!  This is from At Home My Way and the recipe title says it all:  Zucchini Cobbler Just Like Apple.  It really really does taste just like apple.  You will amaze your family and friends.  I took this to work and called it Mystery Cobbler.  Everyone that tried it guessed that it was apple.  I don't know what the magic is, perhaps cooking the zucchini in the lemon juice.  I used the trick she suggested and sliced the zucchini to look just like apple slices.  I thought that there was too much crust for me personally, but everyone else proclaimed the crust just right.

When I came home from work Friday night, hubby said that a neighbor had brought us some peaches and tomatoes.  Upon checking the peaches out, I found that they were very ripe and needed to be used soon.  I decide to make a peach crisp with them yesterday.  I have several recipes for peach crisp, but always like to look through the blogs to see what I can find.  I was scouting around and found Sriracha Peach Crisp over at Budget Bytes.  I really wanted to make this one, but wasn't sure how well it would go over with hubby.  Well, she just happened to have Peach Almond Crisp on her blog also.  I chose to make that one.  I doubled the recipe as I had a lot of peaches to use up.

This recipe uses softened butter in the topping instead of firm.  I may have softened mine a little too much.  The topping will be more clumpy and the taste more caramely than a topping with firm butter.  It was a nice change.  This is a new-to-me blog.  She gives the costs of her recipes, kind of like $5.00 Dinners.  Her cost was $3.37 for the entire recipe or .42 a serving for 8 servings.  I figure that, even though I doubled the recipe,  my cost was much less since the peaches were free.

I will definitely be making both of these dishes again.  Thanks gals for two great ones.

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