Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spoilers and Why I Did Not Link Up Today

Spoilers, there are spoilers everywhere.  We all know that the internet is infested with Spoilers even in Blogland.

One thing that I like to do is lead the people who read my blog to other blogs with recipes and information I think is of value.   I think most bloggers also want to do that.

Unfortunately linking to someone else's blog can create problems.  Twice in the last couple of weeks, my blog has been flagged as having content from two different Word Press blogs that have been hacked into and listed as distributing malware.  These are popular, well-established blogs, and reputable bloggers.   Because I have links on this blog to those blogs, I have been flagged also.  I'm sure that my blog is OK, but would my readers know that.  I think not!

I emailed the latest blogger affected; and she let me know that the problem was taken care of, but that the notification would not be lifted until Goggle makes its next pass.  It is after 9:00 PDT here, and the notification has not been lifted.

Not wanting to bring possible new readers to my blog today, where they would see the Google notification;  I felt that it was best not to link up today.  So to my link party friends that I usually link up to, I am sorry I missed your parties.  To my followers and regular readers who may have tried to access my blog today, I am sorry if you got the Google notification.  AND WE CAN ALL THANK THE SPOILERS!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were affected by the spoilers! But it looks like you're back up again! :)


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