Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Spoilers Continued

Well, this is day two and Google is still flagging my blog as a possible danger since I have links to the hijacked blog here.  I would normally post Friday Finds, but that usually brings readers, and I do not want them to encounter Google's warning if it is still up.  I am, therefore, taking a little posting vacation.  I will be back Monday with the hope that this has all gone away.

Everyone have a great weekend.


  1. Oh Loy - HOW SAD! I'm SO sorry! =( What a bummer...I can't imagine dealing with the 'storm' passes soon and you're seeing rainbows in blogland quickly.

  2. I can get to your blog... it happened to mine the other day too and some could see it and some couldn't. But then it all got fixed. Maybe you need to clear your cache/history? BUt I am not techie so that is just my thoughts.


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