Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day

Foodie Penpals

Today is the day to share what we received from our February Foodie Pen Pal.  If you don’t know about this fun swap, this is how it goes:  Your are given the name  of a blogger to sent food/kitchen-related items to.  A different blogger is given your name to send to you.  The spending limit $15.  Postage usually runs me around $11.00  This is all hosted by Lindsey at The Lean Green Bean.  She has swaps for both the US and Canada.  If it sounds as if it would be fun, you can head on over here to get all the details.  Applications for the March exchange close on March 4th.  The swap is month-to-month so you can "sit out" any month that you want to.

This month the blogger who sent to me was Jessica from Fit Talker (and Eater).  She sent me such a great package that the only thing I could say when I opened it was WOW.  In her note, Jessica said she always tries to send packages that she would like to receive.  Well, believe me, I was happy to receive this one.


Aren’t these just the cutest measuring spoon?  Jessica says one can never have too many, and I agree.  They go so nicely with my favorite silicone spatulas.  I have put up a special hook in my kitchen to hold these as they just make me smile when I look at them.


Granola and dried fruit.  I like granola, but I don’t buy it because I am always going to make it myself.  Then I don’t, so I don’t have any.  I put the dried fruit and the granola together for a trail mix-like snack to take to work with me.  Very tasty.


I did not open these right away because I Knew, Knew that when I did, I would not be able to stay out of them.  I did force myself to ration them out so was able to enjoy them over several days.  Jessica really had me here as I will eat almost anything that is chocolate covered.

Jers Squares

These little gems taste like a softer Butterfinger.  Butterfingers are a favorite of mine so I really loved these.  Through sheer will power, I actually have a couple of these left.

Chocolate Chip Bars

Chocolate Chip Brownie and Oat Bars.  Very good and a favorite of Jessica’s.  I can see why.  They have oats in them so that makes them healthy, right?


Each package must contain something handwritten so here is Jessica’s note with some great mardi gras beads.  So fun, and she decorated my name up so cute.  Jessica, thank you so much.  It was all wonderful.

One fun thing about this exchange is receiving brands of goodies that are different from what you can buy locally.  This usually results in me going to the internet to see if they are available by mail.  This must be great for internet business.

My package went to The Crazy Cooking Couple who blog in the Washington DC area.  You can visit them to see what I sent.

If you are curious to see what other Foodie Pen Pals received just hop on over to The Lean Green to check them out.


  1. Again, I'm so glad you liked everything!
    Those Trader Joe's bars are only 140 calories. Crazy!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Such a fun idea to exchange gifts. Love it! I love the items you sent to The Crazy Cooking Couple too. =) NICE!

  3. okay, how did you not eat everything as soon as you opened the box?! great goodies!

  4. I love that the pretzel is bite-sized!

  5. Measuring spoons are adorable!

  6. omg i LOVE butterfingers. you have some good self control!

  7. Jealous of the sea salt caramel bag, but kudos on your exercising of self-control! Well done! What a delightful package. :) Also, I love the background of your blog!


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