Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Finds

Another week of being "all-over-the-map" with my Finds.  Some finds that I think will be great for lunches, some new potato recipes; and, of course, some cookies for Valentine's Day (or any other day for that matter).

Mommy Loves Food

This recipe uses deli roast beef, and I think this is a great idea for when you have a craving for French Dip, but want it quick and easy.  I usually have crescent rolls on hand, and this is a new-to-me thing to do with them.

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
Plain Chicken

I am always, always looking for new ideas for food that is pizza-flavored without actually being pizza.  This one looks really good and could be varied a lot according to one's likes and dislikes.

Oven Fried Potato Crisps
Little Mommy, Big Appetite

Not exactly potato chips but these well-seasoned crisps would be nice to serve with the French Dipped Crescents above.

Crispy Roast Potatoes
Amanda's Cookin

These potatoes would be a nice change for a side dish to serve with meat recipes that are being cooked in the oven.  I think these would be great with meat loaf.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Bites
Six Sister's Stuff

White Chocolate Cherry M&M Cookies
Inside Bru Crew Life

I would just love it if my Sweetie brought me either of these cookies.  (Now he doesn't cook so it is not too likely that will happen.)  Chocolate and cherries are one of my favorite combinations.  The Chocolate Covered Cherry Bits would feel like extending Christmas.  I did not know that there were Cherry M& Ms.  I am on the hunt now to find some so I can make the White Chocolate Cherry M& M Cookies.  Both are perfect Valentine's Day sweet, I think.

That is my list for the week.  I will be linking up to Friday Favorite Finds and checking out all the goodies that other bloggers have found this week.

As always, the photos were taken by and are the property of the owners of the respective blogs represented.


  1. I so want tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich after seeing that recipe up there... the chocolate covered cherry bites caught my eye too. Is it lunch time yet? :)

  2. PS: M&M's have all kinds of flavors, unfortunately they are seasonal. I made candy corn cookies with their white candy corn M&M's for Halloween last year.

  3. Cherry M&Ms? Never heard of em!

    Delicious finds this week!

  4. Once again - I LOVE all the recipes you featured this week. MMMM! Gotta try those baked potato chips soon...the soup looks wonderful and the sweets are amazing. Thanks for scouring the net to present such great dishes. Enjoy a wonderful and sweet weekend Friend.

  5. lots of tasty eats! I'm especially liking the pizza puffs. :)


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