Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Package Pal Reveal

I have mentioned that although this blog is about food,  I do have other interests and visit craft, home dec, sewing and quilting blogs.

Earlier, I was reading the blog C.R.A.F.T. and found she was hosting an exchange for February.  I decided to join in and was accepted.

My exchange partner was Lauren at Concrete Jungle Crafts.  One of my granddaughters is named Lauren, so that was a nice coincidence.  She lives and crafts in New Jersey.

I read Lauren’s blog and found that she like birds.  I had some fabric called Bird Song that I thought would be perfect for her.  This is what I sent:

Mug Rugs/Coasters
Tea Towels
Hot Pads/Pot Holders
Eco Tote for Grocery Shopping
Lauren does paper crafts and has an esty shop.  This is what she sent me:



I am going to hang this in my sewing studio.  It will make me smile when I see it. 

This was a fun exchange.  I hope that I am one of the 100 people that get to do it again when sign ups come around again in March.

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  1. I am happy you enjoyed PP! Those tea towels are so cute... I love how your gift was a coordinated set! Thank you for participating!

  2. I love the gift! Wow... so thoughtful!

  3. What a nice gift you made for her! So sweet! :)


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