Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Foodie Penpals Reveal

Update:  I was wrong about Kristin Baker not having a blog.  She does have one called Size Matters, and you can see what it sent to her in this post.

A quick apology:  Today is our 50th anniversary so I was very busy elsewhere.  I did something wrong and this didn’t post earlier like I thought I had it scheduled.  I am so sorry.

The Lean Green Bean

After sitting out May because we were on vacation, I am back to joining in Foodie Penpals for June.  This month my package came from Danielle Nadeu who doesn’t have a blog.  She does pay attention when reading them, however, as she sent items that  I really like.  I told her that she really “got me” when I sent her my Thank You email.


First up is a bottle of bourbon vanilla.  I love bourbon vanilla and am almost out of the bottle that I am currently using so this is very welcome.


Next is this bottle of a “new to me brand”  of Stir Fry Sauce.  I love trying new spice blends and sauces.

Speaking of new spice blend.  Danielle sent this little container of Baharat, a spice blend used in Arab, Turkish and Iranian cuisine.  The word means spice in Arabic.  She says to use it on beef, lamb, fish, chicken and add to soups.  She included a recipe using the spice with ground chicken that sounds marvelous.


This is a little jug of pure Maple Syrup purchased at the local farmer’s market.  I love it when I receive something from the area where the sender lives.  I think the little jug is so cute, I will save and reuse it.


This is a fudgy vegan brownie.  I had never eaten one, but it was very good.


Danielle included this great little cookbook.  Although my cookbook collection is huge, I did not have this one, so it is a welcome addition.


There were two little cards included.  One listed the contents of the package and the other one explained about the spice blend.

I am going to have great fun with everything that Danielle sent, and I thank her so much.

I sent my package to Kristin Baker who didn’t seem to have a blog.
Foodie Penpals is hosted by Leslie at The Lean Green Bean.  You can find all the details about how to participate here.

I am linking up to Foodie Penpal Reveal Day.  You can hop on over there to see what others received in their packages.


  1. I actually do have a blog. I enjoyed your package very much.

  2. I actually do have a blog. I enjoyed your package very much.

  3. Well how fun! And Loy - heavens to betsy! If ANYONE has an excuse for missing a's YOU. *-* CONGRATS ON 50 YEARS OF WEDDED BLISS. WOOOW!! What an inspiration you are. I love getting thought-filled gifts like this...I think you are just reaping what you sow. =) (and sew=) Take good care and have a wonderful week. Thanks much for sharing.


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