Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trip Report 3

This is the part of the trip that was the highlight for me.  I was going to get to meet my blog friend, Danni from Silo Hill Farm.  We were going to do that on Sunday, but we spent the day Saturday in Branson Missouri.

We were lucky enough to book passage on the noon sailing of the Branson Belle, the showboat that cruses on the lake.  The meal was delicious, the scenery pretty, and the show fun.

We also toured the Titanic museum.  Cameras are not allowed within the museum so I had to make do with a couple of photos of the outside which is a half size replica of the Titanic back to the second smoke stack.

This museum is a “must see” if you are ever anywhere near Branson, Missouri.   Be prepared for experiencing all sorts of emotions as you move through the exhibits.  It is very moving.

We moved on to Springfield on Saturday and made a mad dash to Super Cuts so that I could get my hair cut.  With the lack of air conditioning and having to keep the truck windows rolled down, my hair was constantly being tangled and I looked like a raving maniac whenever we had to stop anywhere.  I felt so much better after the hair cut.

I “met” Danni on the internet thanks to Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T. through her Package Pal exchange.  We were matched up for the month of April.  For some reason after we had emailed each other a couple of time and I started following her blog, I just knew that we would “hit it off.”

A little voice in my head keep telling me to check and see where Willard, Missouri was on the map.  I finally obeyed the voice, and lo and behold there was Willard right outside of Springfield which we going to pass through on our road trip.

The little voice than said to email Danni and see if she was interested in doing a “meet up.”  I envisioned getting together for lunch or dinner.  She wrote back and invited hubby and me for brunch.  What a nice offer.  I then had to ask hubby if he would be willing to make this stop.  He said, “yes” so the meet up was on.  I was so excited I could hardly wait for the trip to begin.

Danni wrote a lovely post about our visit entitled “How to Meet a Blog Friend.”  Our hubbies hit it off and had a good time together which I think surprised mine.  I think that he was prepared to sit in a corner somewhere while I did my thing.  Neely and Sam both like 4-wheeling so I think that broke the ice.  Sam gave Neely a 4-wheel tour of the farm.  They have wonderful property.  It is so pretty.  Sure beats our sage brush scenery.


Here is the view Danni has from her deck.  Isn’t it great?  The guys are 4-wheeling there in the center.  Just to the left of the tree in the foreground are little cow painted carts that are used to take children around at corn maze time.

We had a delicious brunch.  Danni had made an egg casserole, hash brown patties, bacon, banana bread, and a cranberry frozen salad.  Her table was beautiful.  Mine never looks that nice.

While the guys were 4-wheeling, Danni and I visited and talked about blogging.  Like me, there is no one else in her family who blogs.

I had packed a box of things that I though Danni would like to have to craft with.  She has already used some of them to make this great 4th of July craft.

Danni had made some “road food” and put them in cute decorated containers, one for each of us.  It is like caramel corn, but not.  I can’t wait for her to post the recipe on her blog which she said she would do closer to the fall when they have the corn maze.


The one on the left which was for hubby has Danni’s little mod podge stars on it.  We still have a little of the the contents left as I have been rationing it out a little at a time.

We had such a wonderful time together  It was too short and I was so sad to see it end.  We had reservations in Sioux City, Iowa Sunday night so had to get on the road.

I know that if we lived closer that Danni and I would be fast friends.  As it is, we are just going to be BFF internet friends.

I probably won’t be attending any blogger conferences so won’t have many opportunities to meet fellow bloggers.  My advice, if you get an opportunity to meet another blogger, be willing to take it.  I so appreciate that Danni was willing to respond to my request to meet her.

A little story here.  Hubby and I managed to leave our laundry bag of soiled clothes at the hotel in Springfield.  Danni and Sam were willing to retrieve them and send them on to us.  Now, in my book, that really is being a friend.  Thanks guys.


  1. Awww thanks! I've never been to the Titanic, but I want to go now! I'm so glad you listened to that little voice! What fun we had in such a short time!

  2. AWWW - what a terrific report. It warmed my heart to read all about your visit with this special friend. VERY lovely - she sure is crafty! Have I told you I'm flying to Kansas in August to meet/visit with my dear blogging friend, Tonya, of 4 little Fergusons? LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. Oh how I love that you have a visual of where Danni lives and you can fondly think of her right there in her own little corner of the world. =D SO happy you made such fabulous memories! No doubt, she's tickled to finally get to meet you too. I love stories with happy endings....take good care. XO


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