Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Finds

Since it is so hot here and seems to be the same across most of the country, I thought that this week I would share some cooling or no-bake sweets recipes that I have found.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Lynn adapted the well-known Chocolate No-Bake Cookie recipe to make it into a bar.  I almost always have the ingredients on hand to make these.  I like this more formal presentation of this cookie.
Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
I may like butterscotch flavor even more than chocolate.  If I find that I have the pudding mix on hand, I will be making these tomorrow.  If not, the pudding mix is going on this week's grocery list.

Love and Laundry

This looks cooling and delicious and seems quick and easy to make.  I could probably get addicted to these.

I always keep frozen bananas in my freezer to make smoothies, but I love this idea of freezing the yogurt in ice cube trays and having it frozen also.

Wonky Wonderful

Since there are only two of us, we rarely can finish a whole watermelon, but I don't like to pay the premium price for precut ones.  I love this idea for using some of that watermelon up.  She also has a great recipe for a Salted Watermelon Slushy on her blog.

Good Life Eats
I said in a previous Friday Finds that I just might have to find and buy some popsicle molds.  Now I really, really need to do that.  Chocolate, cheesecake and mint.  What more could one ask
Alli n' Son

I know that this is not exactly a sweet, but I have been looking for a good corn salad to take to a get together this weekend.  This one looks easy to make and delicious.  I like that it uses canned corn with the peppers already in it.  Saves work.  It may be the one I'll make.

I am linking up to Friday Favorite Finds.  Pop on over to see the great recipes other bloggers have found this week.


  1. That Frozen Hot Chocolate would taste so good right now! Great finds! -Kelly @ Semi homemade Mom

  2. Thank you Thank you Loy! I'm so excited about several of these...MMMM! I am SO happy you shared! I will be making that frozen hot choc first and others as well.

  3. The mint cheesecake pops -- what a beautiful dessert! And, I love Lynn's idea for a butterscotch no-bake. Thanks for sharing these.


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