Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Finds

Well, somehow or another, I managed to completely space out that yesterday was Friday.  So this week, I guess my Friday Finds will just have to show up on Saturday.

I seem to be somewhat in a DIY mode this week so I am sharing some links to great DIY ideas that I must try.

Kitchen Parade

Although I keep a container of powdered buttermilk in my fridge and have used the milk plus vinegar/lemon juice substitute for buttermilk, I prefer to use liquid buttermilk.  The idea of making new, homemade buttermilk using commercial buttermilk as a starter has been around awhile, and it is a good one to be aware of.  This is a very nice article detailing the simple process and even suggests that you can use the homemade buttermilk to make a great Greek Yogurt substitute.


As the blogger said, this is one of those "Slap Yourself Upside of the Head and say Why Didn't I Think of That" kind of thing, but I didn't and am glad someone did.  I always have a few packages of chocolate chips on hand and never remember to buy chocolate chunks.  Well, now I don't have to.  Great, great idea.

Thrice the Spice

This recipe makes enough for 8 lbs. of ground meat; and, of course, you could choose from ground pork, turkey or chicken.  With just spice and a little sugar, this has no nitrates, MSG or other chemicals that may be found in commercial sausage. 

Portuguese Girl Cooks

I have been thinking about trying homemade ricotta ever since I saw a recipe for it in "Cooking Light" last year.  With just whole milk, cream, salt and lemon juice, this recipe has no special ingredients.  It does take a candy thermometer to make this, but otherwise the process is simple and mostly "hands off."  Much, much better than the store bought kind I am sure.

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

If you don't already have a special Homemade Ranch Dressing recipe, take some of that Homemade Buttermilk you made and make this one from, the always reliable, Mel.  With the addition of a little olive oil, it seems to have good keeping qualities.  Homemade beats store bought every time.

Well, that ends my Friday Finds on Saturday.  Late to the party, I am linking up to Friday Favorite Finds.  Pop on over to see what other bloggers have found this week.


  1. Oh my, that pic of the ranch dressing looks sooo good! Happy Weekend:@)

  2. Lots of good homemade options this week! I seem to have missed the link to the sausage, though...

  3. I too am interested in trying the homemade ricotta. I seem to use a lot of it!

  4. You are right that food prices are soaring or at least they are where I live. Looking for more and more frugal recipes.

  5. Thanks for featuring my sausage recipe! It really is tasty, my family prefers it over 'store bought' even. Becca


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