Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

A warm welcome to my new followers and thanks to all my readers who take time from their busy lives to read this blog.  It is much appreciated, and I hope the information I post here is useful.

Today is Foodie Penpal Reveal Day.  We are posting today since the last day of September fell on a weekend.  This month my package came from Alyssa at FitBlyss.  Inside this little envelope was some wonderful snack foods.

An Orchard Bar in Pineapple Coconut & Macadamia Nut flavor, A Greek Yogurt Bar in Blueberry Acai flavor, some popcorn in Honey Cinnamon Pecan flavor, a package of Rice Cracker Blend crackers, some Truvia sweetener, and some Raspberry Leaf tea, and some sesame seeds.

I had not tried the Truvia sweetener so this was a chance for me to do so.  I will be using the sesame seeds to make some Sesame Seed Toffee.  It is easy to make and so good.  All this good stuff kept me in good stead for several days of snacking.  Thanks Alyssa for a great package.

I sent my package to Taylor Day of The Cupcake Diaries.  She will post about it on her blog.

Foodie Penpals is hosted by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean.  To join in our fun, visit Leslie's Foodie Penpal page.

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  1. Well isn't that fun!? Always a kick to get gifts (especially foods) from others!


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