Monday, October 15, 2012

Online BlogCon

As the button above says, I'm attending Online Blogcon which is happening Oct. 22-24.  Just in case you haven't heard about this wonderful thing, I wanted to fill you in a little.
Have you ever thought that you might like to attend a blogging conference, but one or more things stood in your way.  Maybe it was the distance.  Maybe it was the cost.   Maybe it was childcare logistics. Maybe the timing was wrong.  Maybe you felt you were too new at blogging.    Maybe you just don't like getting out of your jammies.  Whatever it was, this is the solution.  
Dorothy from Crazy for Crust and Ashton from Something Swanky dreamed up the great idea of offering an online blogging conference just to meet all the above challenges.  They have lined up a wonderful group of "speakers" (you can see the list here) who will cover the following subjects.

-How to Begin Blogging
-First Year Blogging Blues
-Blog Design 101
-Social Media & Networking
-Blogging Communities

-Link Parties
-Pin-Worthy Posts/Photog.
-Recipe Development
-Keep the LOVE Alive

-How to Make Money
-Blogger/Life Balance
The presentations will be in the form of blog posts at the Online Blogcon site.  If you are busy with work or kid's activities, you can read the posts at your convenience.  Isn't that great?  There will also be lots of giveaways to enter.

For those living near some metropolitan areas (unfortunately I don't) there are meet-ups planned for the weekend after the conference.  The locations as of this post are:
Indianapolis, Indiana* NEW!
Phoenix, Arizona
Atlanta, Georgia
Southern California
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Raleigh/Wake Forest, North Carolina
St. Louis, Missouri
Madison, Wisconsin
Sacramento, California
Dallas, Texas
Provo, Utah

If you have read this far, you questions is probably what is the cost for this?  It is the mighty sum of $15.  Is this a bargain or what?  All that info is coming for a little, little price.  

You can find more information here or can go straight to registration here.  Just a caution, registeration closes Friday, October 19.  I hope to "see" you there.

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  1. I signed up for this when you first told me about it! SHould be fun ! Thanks!


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