Monday, December 31, 2012

Countdown to 2013-Desserts

Yesterday we celebrated our family Christmas.  Due to family logistics, we almost always have to pick another day besides the 25th to celebrate with our kids and grandkids.  I did not get back to finishing this post on desserts.  Since the linky is still open over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen, I have decided to go ahead and finish it.

It is no secret that desserts are my passion, so here are a few I posted this years that I especially liked.

These are my absolute favorite peanut butter bar cookie, and the recipe was the first recipe I posted in 2012.  I had lost the recipe book that these were in for several years (Oh yeah, I can manage to do that.).  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I found the book so I could make them again.

I make these often when rhubarb is in season.  They almost make me want to grow my own rhubarb.  This is a unique recipe that people really seem to like.  They can be cut into larger squares and served as a dessert.  I had to use green rhubarb to make these.  They are much prettier when made with red rhubarb.

This is the dessert I created this year using my favorite no-machine ice cream recipe that takes sweetened condensed milk and whipping cream.  I try to make one new no-machine ice cream dessert each year.

This is a recipe I created for Improv Cooking Challenge which was very well received by friends and family.  It is a bit of a different way to use up zucchini.

Of course, with me being Cookie Monster's grandmother, you knew there would be lots of cookie recipes on the blog this year.  This is more candy, than cookie, I think, but oh so good.

I don't make many pies, but this one was a winner.  It is so nice to be able to make a fresh fruit pie during the winter.

That is a few of my favorite dessert recipes posted in 2012.  There are, of course, many more on the blog.

I am linking up to Countdown to 2013 over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.

I will be back later with the 5 most viewed recipes of 2012.

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