Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cloud Cake Hearts

This is a fun and easy dessert idea for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or even birthdays.  This is more of a process than it is a recipe and comes from an idea I saw in Women's Day magazine a number of years ago.

The photos are of Twinkies as I took the photos before Twinkies were taken off the market.  The best substitute available now seems to be Little Debbie's Cloud Cakes.

Two cakes are needed for two hearts.  Cut one cake in half diagonally from upper left to lower right starting and stopping approximately 1-inch from the top of the cake.  Cut the second cake in half diagonally from upper right to lower left starting and stopping approximately 1-inch from the top of the cake.  See the photo below.

 Place one half of one cake together with half of the other cake to form a heart.  Repeat with the second cake.

Place a heart on a dessert plate.  From here what you do is only limited by your imagination.  The hearts can be topped with various sauces or ice cream and sprinkled with whatever you want.  In the photo below I topped the heart with some slightly melted cherry jam and some chocolate-covered toffee bits.

This is a fun idea for a children's party.  Have an adult or older child cute the cakes.  Set out various sauces (ice cream sauces are good) and items to sprinkle on the top.  Let the children choose the combinations they want.  We all need a Twinkie (Cloud Cake) heart once in awhile.


I love to read your comments and suggestions. Hope that you enjoyed your visit to Grandma Loy"s Kitchen.

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