Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Frugal Tips-Snack Bags for Freezing


Since there is just two of us living at home, I freeze many things in individual servings.  I talked about this in my post about Freezing Buttermilk.  For this purpose, I use common, inexpensive snack bags.  Usually I can get as much as 3/4 c. into a bag.  Since the bags are not thick enough to be freezer bags by themselves, I put the bags into a larger freezer bag, one quart or one gallon depending on how much I am freezing. They are then actually more protected than if the items were just in a freezer bag.  I can easily remove however many snack bags of an item I need at  a time.

Some of the things I put in these bags are:  Freezer Coleslaw, Grinder and Taco Fillings, browned Italian Sausage for pizzas, pepperoni for pizzas, applesauce, browned breakfast sausage, and, of course, the buttermilk.  As regards the applesauce,  I can never find a good sale on applesauce except for the larger jars.  When I open a jar for a recipe and will not use all the applesauce right away, I freeze it.  I find this method of storing food in the freezer both economical and convenient. 

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