Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown to 2012-Best Main Dish Recipes

 Countdown to 2011 with Finding Joy in My Kitchen

The Countdown to 2012 continues, and today we are doing Main Dishes.  Because of my work schedule, I only cook a dinner meal three times a week.  I usually fix roasts, casseroles or meat loaf so that hubby will have leftovers to eat the other four nights.  The recipes I did get posted on the blog are favorite recipes that I make over and over.  Here are some of those.

Simmered Chinese Chicken.  This is one of my top favorite recipes.  Whole chickens are still something that can be purchased at a reasonable price so this is inexpensive.  It is also easy and quick.  The cooking takes less than an hour, and you get this wonderfully moist, slightly teriyaki-flavored meat with a flavorful sauce to serve over rice or noodles.

Chinese Filled Buns.  Although these do take a little time and effort, they are just great to have in the freezer to toss in the oven and heat.  There is both a pork and beef filling in the post and chicken breasts or thighs can be substituted in either of them.

Spicy Southwest Pork Fingers.  These are very good and a nice departure from chicken fingers.  I see that I wrote that I would be doing more  recipes with strips of pork and haven't done that.  Another thing to add to the list for 2012.

Salisbury Steak with "Eat Your Veggies" Gravy  This recipe is quick and makes ground beef a little more "upscale."  This is almost nice enough for company. 

Chicken Seasoning Mix /Clean the Pantry Chicken.  This post has a great seasoning mix to make up and keep on hand.  This is a nice use for cereal that is left in the bottom of the boxes.  I have used crushed Chex, Kix, Cheerios, and corn flakes for this as well as the Rice Krispies.  I just put the cereal in a zip-top bag until there is enough to make the recipe.

Surprise Meat Loaf.  One last recipe.  This one stretches a pound and a half of ground beef to serve 8 to 10. Because of the stuffing, this is a little more work than regular meat loaf; but it is well worth it.

Other bloggers have linked up their lists of main dish recipes over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.  Hop on over and check them out.

It is not too late to get in on the fun.  Just make a post of your favorite main dishes and link it up.

Friday is Crockpot Cooking (I am afraid that I don't have a thing to post here)
Saturday is Desserts (I will be back then)


  1. great post, makes me hungry just reading them!

  2. I'll look forward to your desserts!


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