Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas
To You

To Me

Today is my 70th birthday.  Yes, I was a Christmas baby born at home on December 25, 1941.  I will now have to change my profile to say "70 something."  

Yesterday, I baked my mother's fruitcake recipe.  I had planned to make a post about it.  I tried, but I just could not.  Mom's passing in November is still to raw, and I found I did not have the words that I wanted.  Perhaps I will share it next year.

Today, we celebrated a nice quiet Christmas at my younger daughter's with all my close family present.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Congratulations on 70 years! Sorry about the loss of your mom. I lost mine last year at Thanksgiving and it was harder than I ever imagined. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with your favorite things.

  3. merry christmas and happy birthday, I hope you have a wondereful holiday, you're mum's passing will make it difficult for certain.Christmas is suppose to be a happy time but sometimes it just reminds us of what we have lost.
    Your mum would want you happy, mine would too so lets smile and enjoy even if it still hurts abit.

  4. Happy Birthday from another 1941 baby! I found your blog through 12 weeks of cookies and just love it!

  5. AWW - I'm just now getting to this post Loy....hope you enjoyed a fabulous birthday...didn't realize you get to share the same day with Jesus. =) Bless your doubt it was tough not having your mama for the first Christmas, and I pray His grace covers you in the days ahead. Looking forward to all the new year brings for both of us.


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