Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pick-Your-Flavor Hot Milk Drink

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I don’t drink coffee.  It is just something that I never developed a taste for.  Sometimes I want something other than cocoa or hot tea.  I have seen all the flavored syrups designed for use in coffee at the grocery store.  I thought surely there must be a use for those, but not necessarily in cocoa or tea.

Over the holidays, two things came together.  Marsha over at The Better Baker posted a recipe for Hot Cinnamon Milk Mix which she found at Craftaholics Anonymous.  This recipe used dry milk, flavored non-dairy creamer, sugar, and cinnamon.  I made the recipe, and it was very good.  The original recipe called for French Vanilla Flavored Creamer.  I also made up a couple of batches using Irish Cream and Pumpkin Spice Creamers.  I liked them too.

Then one of my local grocery stores had Torani syrups on sale for the whole month of December.  I had $1.00 off coupons on these.  That meant that I could purchase the syrups for $3.99 a bottle versus the regular price of $6.99.  I had been thinking that I could take the Hot Cinnamon Milk recipe and use plain non-dairy creamer instead of the flavored  creamer and use the syrups for the flavoring.  That is what I did, and I think that it worked really well.

I have said that I get bored with food easily.  This way I can make up a batch of the base mix and add whatever flavoring I want that day.  I purchased three flavors:  Butter Rum, Almond Roca, and Hazelnut.  There are other flavors I want to try such as Coconut and Almond.  Cinnamon or other spices could be added to the drink, too.

I reduced the amount of sugar from the original recipe as I found the drink a bit too sweet for me.  A favorite sugar substitute could be used.  I also use 1/4 c. instead of 1/3 cup of the mix.
Pick Your Flavor Hot Milk Drink
2 c. instant dry milk
1 c. plain powdered creamer
3/4 c. sugar or Splenda

Combine and mix well.  Store in zip-top bag or air-tight container. 

To use:  Heat 1/2 c. milk and 1/2 c. water until hot.  Stir in 1/4 to 1/3 c. of the above mix and 1 T. or more any flavor Torani syrup or other desired coffee flavoring syrup.  Makes 1 (8 oz.) serving.

It is only January, but looking ahead, I think that a batch of the mix along with two or three flavors of the syrup put in recycled spice or similar bottles would make a nice Christmas gift.

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  1. What a fab idea! I use those flavorings with diet cocoa mix to bump up the flavor... but this would be a great alternative!

  2. Thanks so much Loy for featuring the hot cinnamon milk. I LOVE your idea of variety. When I made my last batch, I didn't add as much Splenda, and really do enjoy it. Hip Hip Horrah for you. Love those bargains too. =)

  3. I don't have any dry milk, but I may try this with regular milk. The DaVinci brand (bottle twice as big) is a good deal at Sams or GFS.


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