Sunday, June 12, 2011

Links to Help for New Bloggers

As a new blogger, I am always on the look out for any help I can get regarding blogging and digital photography.  I am such a beginner at both.  Last week figgsandsuch posted a link to this great series from Serenity Now about commenting on blogs.  There is a new series called Blogging Myths starting there on Tuesday also.

This post led me to posts with other great information which in turn led to even more.  In an attempt to collect the links into one place, I am compiling them here both for myself and other new bloggers.  Thanks much to these generous bloggers who are trying to help the newbies out here.

Because some of these posts do not have "print" features, the first link is to my post on Printing or Making a PDF from any blog or web site.  This allows information to be printed or saved to a computer.

Southern Hospitality
10 Tips for New Bloggers, Balance in Blogging, and The Business of Blogging.  Plus a couple of other posts.  Good all round information and some "food for thought" on advertising.

Funky Junk Interiors
Blog Tips on FJI.  This will take you to a page where Donna has links to all the posts on her blog regarding blogging.  There are tips on just about all areas of blogging.  Of special importance, I think, is the link to Backing Up Your Blog.  That is something I had never thought about.  I did have the unfortunate experience when I had been blogging a week or two of having to rename my blog and delete the first one.  Blogger does make it easy to export/import; and if I had not been able to do that, I would not have been able to move my posts to this new blog.

Jam Hands
Link Parties--Probably the most comprehensive list of link parties anywhere on the web.  The parties are listed by days of the week which make it easy to schedule link-ups to the parties you choose to join.  Do follow her instructions and read each  party's requirements.  How to Organize and Track Link Parties
and Food Blogging-Organizing and Tracking.   Just what they say, great ideas on organizing and tracking posts and link parties.  Lots of other good stuff here, too.

Thrifty Decor Chick 
All I Know about Blogging , Comment Love, When Blogging Gets You Down, Shake Your Money Maker.  More good "food for thought" here.

Between Naps on the Porch
Blogging Secrets.  A post with links to a whole bunch of things you might want to do with your blog.

Vanderbilt Wife
10 Easy Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers, Helpful Grammar Hints for Bloggers, Before You Hit Publish.  Most of us have been out of school for some time.  Or in my case, a long, long time.  Here we are writing publicly again.  Speaking for myself at least, a little refresher information on grammar and punctuation can be helpful.  Jessie provides that here.

Creatively Domestic
Better Blogging:  Search Engine Optimization  A basic article explaining SEO and how to make it work for your blog.

Feels Like Home
Two slide shows on how to improve your blog's SEO.

Recipe Girl
If Your are into Food Photography and Styling.  A great post on making background boards and showing some of what she uses when she photographs food.

Blogging Tutorials  Another page with links to tutorials on all sorts of things you might want to do to your blog.

Sneaky Mom
A whole blog with blog tips and tutorials, divided up by beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  What more could one ask?  This gal does blog design at what appear to be very reasonable prices, also.  What a nice thing she is doing with this blog.

Well, this post has taken much longer than I thought it would making all those links.  I am sure that I have only scratched the surface of the information that is available if you can find it.  This is, however, plenty to keep most of us busy awhile.

Linking up to Weekend Bloggy Reading  at Serenity Now and Newbie Party at Debbiedoos.

Tomorrow:  DIY Groceries-Snack Cakes Mix with lots of ways to use it.


  1. Loy - Thank you so much for making this post! I have been reading through the links all evening. I am still working my way through, but so far they have *really* been insightful and made me think really hard about how I can do better when it comes to communicating with both my readers and reaching out to other blog authors. Have a great week and I'll be in touch with you via email. :)

  2. Thanks for the nice complement, Ali. Maybe this post will be helpful to lots of bloggers. I am going to try to link it up several places this week so we shall see.

  3. This is a wonderful, comprehensive list!! Thank you so much for linking to my series. :)

  4. Thank you Amanda. I really liked your Commenting 101 Series. It had lots of good information in it. The links were great also. I am looking forward to the new Blogging Myths series. I will be stopping by on Monday.

  5. Hello! I hopped on over from Serenity Now. I am thrilled to find such wonderful blogging tip list! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together and sharing.

  6. Donna,
    Thank you. I hope that is helpful to have links to all this good info in one place. I did it for me as much as anyone.

  7. Wonderful..the more info out there the better. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  8. Oh if you could add my link to the newbie party or button would be great. That is another good tip, always link back to the party you are joining.

  9. Thanks you so much!

    Your new follower


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