Thursday, June 9, 2011

Skipping through Blogland and Stopping at figgs and such

Last week Kelly at figgsandsuch posted a link at Friday Favorites over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.  I try to visit all the bloggers who link up there.  So, I found figgsandsuch.  I assumed that Figgs was perhaps Kelly's last name, but that is not the case.  Figgs stands for food, ideas, gardening, and gifts.  Such a clever blog name.  Kelly started her blog at the beginning of this year, and she is sharing the recipes, crafts, gardening ideas, and crafts that she is doing that she has found around the web.  This week is Granola Bar Week, and you can go and see what she is making with links to the recipes she is using.  There is also Weedless Wednesday where Kelly is chronicling how her new garden is doing.  One of the best features of the blog is Kelly's  Friday Finds posts.  There is always a variety of  links on different subjects to go to.   Last week one of the links Kelly shared was to a series of posts on commenting on blogs at Serenity Now.  As a new blogger, I found the series especially informative.  I notice that there is a new series called Blogging Myths there starting Monday.  figgsandsuch is well worth visiting.  Be sure to stop by on Fridays for a look at all the great links.


  1. Loy! Thanks so much for highlighting figgsandsuch! How exciting!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog! it is one of the first blogs I check out for the day.. For just starting out you are doing great!
    Nancy - Calif

  3. Kelly, I'm so glad that you like your feature.

    Nancy, I hope you see this. You have made my day.
    Sometimes, being so new at this, I feel as if I am writing into some big void where there is no one. Thank you for liking what I am doing.


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