Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skipping through Blogland and Stopping at Jam Hands

Today I am stopping at what is a, new to me, blog but such a find!  Jam Hands, what a clever title.  There is a little explanation on the right for the inspiration for that title.  I am finding so many great blog titles out there that I am more than a little envious since mine is just "so-so".  Oh well, on to the business at hand which is to tell you about this great blog.

This blog has wonderful recipes and some of the best  food pictures I have encountered  in blogland.  Her photos just make you wish that you could reach through the computer screen and eat whatever it is you are seeing; AND she does those great photos with a point-and-shoot camera.  I like so many recipes it is hard to narrow it down to just a few to feature here, but here we go:

 Smothered Creole Cube Steak.  We eat a lot of cube steak, and I am always looking for new recipes.  This looks like a good one, and I will be making it soon.  Just will use red peppers instead of the green.

Pepperoni Mac and Cheese.   I always have pepperoni in my freezer since I get big amount of it at Costco.  I am going to try this soon.  I think it would make a great lunch or dinner.  There is a great tip for  degreasing pepperoni here at Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Lasagna Sandwiches.  Though I cook dinner only 3 times a week, I make lunch almost everyday.  These look sooooo! good.  I can get sandwich buns at my local bread outlet store for only $1 a package.  Definitely going to make these the next time I go there and stock up.  I am sure that this will be hit with my hubby and a nice change from soup which he gets a lot.\

Bacon Tomato Dip.  I would have to leave out the green peppers.  Otherwise this dip is calling my name.

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bars. There always has to be a cooky recipe for Cookie Monster's grandma here.  I have zucchini in the freezer so there are being made, like tonight.

These are just a few of the wonderful recipes that can be found at Jam Hands.  Something for everyone.

Ali has other great features, too.  There is Ali's Notepad where there are links to the recipes and information she has found interesting at other blogs that week.  Ali also does The Weekend Dish where she summarizes the recipes and other info posted during the week. You don't have to scroll all through the blog to find something, which makes it nice.  There is a Featured Commenter section, so if you have commented on the blog that week, you and your blog just might get featured.

There is great help for bloggers with posts on organizing your blog parties and the recipes that you post.

Ali will be soon be doing a post on photo tips and how others can produce great photos like she has.  Be sure to watch for it.

This is a blog that you will want to subscribe to and follow.  There is just too much good stuff there for a one-time visit.  I really hated it when my stop at Jam Hands had to end.

 All photos were taken by Ali at Jam Hands, are her property, and are used with permission.

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