Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

Today is the last day of October and time to post for Foodie Penpal Reveal Day.  This month my package came from Lyndsay Kugler from New Raymer, Colorado.  What package it was.

There were goodies in every nook and cranny of this box.  Every piece of tissue paper had something hidden in it, and the smell was wonderful.

There were these three cute packages of various mixes.  The milkshake mix has a recipe on the side to make cookies with it, which, being the Cookie Monster's Grandmother, is probably what I will do.

There was a personal popcorn ball.  A great treat for this time of year.

There were wonderful candies.  Believe me, the Mrs. Fields candies got eaten as soon as this photo was taken.

This was another goodies for me to snack on.   My own personal size chicken noodle soup mix.  I am going to stash this at work for lunch.

There were some things made in Colorado.   A Spicy Snack Stick.  This is going to work for lunch also. 

 Hot Cider Fixins.  Isn't just the cleverest packaging?  I just had to take two photos.  Do you see the whole nutmeg for the head, the whole allspice for the ears, and the whole clove antlers?  You put the whole thing in a half gallon of apple juice or cider, heat and fish everything out when the cider is done.  This one is probably going to be used on Thanksgiving.

This is the reason that the package smelled so wonderful and so will my home when I use these.

Lyndsay doesn't have a blog listed so I don't know if she has one.  Although I sent her a Thank You email, I want to thank her again here for sending me such a wonderful package.

My Foodie Penpal package went to Katie Tanner at Food Fitness Photography.  You can click on over to see what I sent her.

This wonderful exchange is hosted by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean.  Sound like fun?

The Lean Green Bean

Just click on the graphic above to go to the Foodie Penpal page for all the details.

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  1. I am so glad you loved it!! Its so much fun shopping for our foodie pals! Love from Colorado!!


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