Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Finds

I meant to mention last week that 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats had started.  This is hosted by Brenda over at Meal Planning Magic.  I am using a homemade cookie mix as the basis for all my recipes.  I have  posted Glazed Cinnamon Toffee Bars and Buttermilk Rum Bars.  If you would like some new recipes for the Holidays, pop on over and check out the links.  If you would like to join the fun, you can find all the information here.

Leading my finds this week is a post I have been waiting for since May.

Silo Hill Farm

Danni is a craft blogger not a food blogger, but she does have some great recipes on her blog.  She gave hubby and me each a container of this when we visited in May.  It was absolutely delicious and addictive.  I have been waiting for her to post the recipe ever since.  We have all probably made caramel corn with regular popcorn, but this is made with something called puff corn (which I am not sure I can get in my neck of the woods), and that makes it very different from regular caramel corn.  I kid you not, this is soooo good!

Dining with Leslie

I recently scored some extra lean ground beef as a BOGO.  This looks like a delicious dish to make with some of it.  I like that this can be made with already frozen meatballs and sauce off the pantry shelf as well as made from scratch.

I Should be Mopping the Floor

This is definitely going on my list for the next time I make pork tenderloin.  Apples and pork are such a great flavor combinations, but Kristi says she uses the relish with other meats and poultry.  As an added bonus, this is a slow cooker recipe.

Picture Perfect Cooking

Another pork and apple combo, this one for a pork loin roast.  This is another one I am anxious to try.

Eat at Home

I know, I know I just can't seem to get away from recipes with apple in them.  Apples are just so wonderful this time of year.  Now, if you have ever wanted the taste of a baked apple or apple pie and you wanted it NOW, Tiffany has the  solution for you.  Wouldn't this make a great breakfast?  Everybody should know about this one.

Growing in Grace

This looks like a delicious recipe to make meatballs for that Meatball Sub Casserole I posted above.  She uses ground chicken so ground beef or ground chicken/turkey would be good, I think.

Baking and the Boys

If I see the word "maple" in a recipe title, you can be sure I will be checking it out.  Now this recipe not only said "maple" once, it said it twice.  It also said "pecan."  This one goes right to the top of my "to-make" cookie list. 

As always all photos were taken by and are the property of the owners of the respective blogs represented.

For more great finds by other bloggers this week, follow me on over to Friday Favorite Finds at Finding Joy in My Kitchen. 


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out to my caramel corn. I am honored. I wanted to say the same people who make Cheetoes, make the Puff Corn. Now I am off to check out those cookies because I suffer from the same affliction...if it says Maple, I'm giving it a look!

  2. Lots of tasty apple recipes! I'm especially liking the Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin and 1 minute apples. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Oh my - I have already drooled over several of these recipes this week. Awesome finds! Thanks for sharing...I'm adding puffcorn to my grocery list cause I know right where to find it. =)

  4. I love the meatball subs -- yummy! We do a 1 minute apple crisp often in our house and love it.

  5. Make ahead meatballs sounds like such a good idea - throw them in some marinara with spaghetti, make a sub like that good looking one up there, throw them in some wedding soup, etc.

    Stopping in from FFF


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